Tips For End Of Winter Roof Care

18568570_sNow that the winter is starting to come to a close and the Groundhog has predicted an early spring, it’s time to give your home a little TLC. This is especially true for your roof, which has just kept you and your family safe and protected from the outside elements through a harsh winter.

Of all of the parts of your home, your roof takes the brunt of most of the harsh weather. No matter if it is the cold and windy winter months or the hot and dry summer months, your roofing materials need to be maintained and well cared for all year long, to prevent breakdowns.

Having your roof inspected now that we are on the tail-end of the winter weather is a great way to ensure that there hasn’t been any damage done and that all roofing materials are ready for the spring and summer weather that is just ahead.

Here are some things to watch out for during your post-winter roof inspection:

  • The tiles and slates of your roof should be in good condition and undamaged. If these materials are damaged they must be replaced or your roof will be at risk for water damage.
  • Any shingles that are buckled, curling, or missing should all be addressed and repaired. These conditions are a sign that the single is wearing out and needs to be replaced. It probably won’t make it through the rest of the winter.
  • All metal strips must be perfectly installed and without any damage or gaps. This material is designed to seal off junctions and leaks will occur if there is any damage or missing pieces.
  • The ceiling or attic of your home should be checked before, during, and after the winter months. Check the walls for signs of dampness or dark water spots as this is an indication of a leak. These areas must be addressed right away.

Call and schedule your roof inspection today to make sure that you get it done before the weather changes again. Small issues are usually fairly easy and inexpensive to fix but, they also escalate quickly so you want to make sure and get them taken care of sooner than later.

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